Payroll Masters offers very competitive prices to Councils and Organisations who offer ‘Service Level Agreement or Accreditation’ options and also Payroll ‘Outsourcing’.

We are very experienced in offering the above services and have a very good track records with our current SLA, Accreditation and Outsourcing Partners across the UK.

Our competitive Payroll fees,efficiency,innovativeness and understanding of the whole framework of Direct Payments and Personalised budgets has contributed in Financial savings to the Councils we work with.

All our Policies and Procedures on working with and/or for Vulnerable Adults and Children are genuinely implemented through out our organisation without any compromise.

Our back ground as Qualified Accountants/Auditors,enhances the Quality Assurance of our services.

Our Quarterly CLAWBACK tool which we offer Councils has been instrumental in ensuring ‘Excess Funding’ is put back into increasing Direct Payment budgets for Councils to in turn increase up take of Direct Payments and Personalised Budgets.


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